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Taylor Morrison Palmero Project

July 23, 2020

To: Mandy Schottenstein,

President SEPOA

From: Rob Price,

Land Development Manager

Taylor Morrison will begin to clear the site and wanted to give you up dates on the western property line clearing.  Please see the attached highlighted plan. ( Copies were mailed today to the Property Owners on the list below but will not be attached to this blast)

Can you please provide my phone number to the residents listed below. 

We plan on starting to clear along the west boundary next Monday July 27th. Residents on South Drive - fences should not be affected.  We will be performing select clearing of exotics on our property. Residents on Lakewood Drive that will be affected:               2214 Lakewood Drive               2216 Lakewood Drive               2218 Lakewood Drive               2220 Lakewood Drive               2222 Lakewood Drive Residents on E Rossetti Drive that will be affected:               424 E Rossetti Drive               426 E Rossetti Drive               432 E Rossetti Drive               434 E Rossetti Drive               436 E Rossetti Drive Residents on E Ruben Drive that will be affected:               460 E Rubens Drive               462 E Rubens Drive               464 E Rubens Drive               466 E Rubens Drive               478 E Rubens Drive Thank you for your continued support.  Please contact me for further assistance if needed. Rob Price

Land Development Manager

551 N. Cattlemen Rd. Suite 200 Sarasota, Florida 34232

Phone: +1941-229-3944 Cell Phone: +1941-374-2438



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