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Estoppel Letter Info 

Etoppels are always provided by the property's HOA/POA management company or board members. The title company is responsible for ordering this document; the estoppel fee is usually paid by the seller.


An estoppel is a statement of accounts between an HOA/POA and a specific property within that HOA/POA. It is presented at closing to resolve all accounts between the HOA/POA and the seller before the property changes ownership and is usually served as an introduction between the HOA/POA and buyers. This document ensures that all remaining dues and fines owed to the HOA/POA are paid by the seller, so the new owner isn’t responsible for the previous owner's debts.

A fee of not more than $299 can be charged for preparation and delivery of an estoppel certificate that’s not a “rush” delivery. If the estoppel certificate is requested on an expedited basis and delivered within 3 business days, an additional $119 can be added to the fee. If the unit or parcel has delinquent amounts owed to the association, an additional fee not to exceed $179 can be added and any unpaid dues amounts for the past five (5) years can be added.

Please Email all Estoppel requests to

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