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RSVPWe respectfully request AGAIN that you RSVP via email: or the website: www.SorrentoEast/org We requested a headcount over a week ago via the WEBSITE and NEXTDOOR but ONLY 21 Property Owners have registered as of now.  We need  an idea of attendance so we'll be able to accommodate your needs. ie: BALLOTS, chairs water/ice, pens, and handouts/copies.    PLEASE DO NOT RSVP HERE ON NEXTDOOR, It isn't reliable and you'll get lost in the thread. RSVP via email: or send a message via the website: IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR RSVP BY 4:00 PM TODAY 11/05/2020  We will simply double the number and print ballots for that amount only. We will do the same for chairs, water, pens and printed copies. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for supplying your own, we can only do so much without your participation. Thank you in advance for your speedy response. SEPOA Board of Directors



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