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Public Audit of SEPOA Books

I would like to invite all members in good standing to attend a public audit of SEPOA books at 10AM Sat Nov. 7th before the annual meeting.  I have set aside 2 hours before the meeting to make sure that everyone who wishes to check the records can, but I am more than willing to stay after the meeting as well.  I just ask that everyone please wear a mask and socially distance.  All of the 2020 records up to Oct 1st have been reviewed by a CPA, who retired from a 30 year career as a senior internal auditor for a fortune 500 company.  Said auditor suggested a public audit due to COVID, and the striking dichotomy between this years record keeping and spending habits compared to 2019.  Everyone who pays dues deserves to know where their money is going.  As a board, we believe in full transparency, which is something that may not have been the case in previous years.  Considering, in my opinion, a questionable audit process for 2019, and many inquiries about how money was spent last year, 2019’s books will be available to view as well.  I invite all to see the changes that have been implemented in only a few short months, numbers don’t lie!! Jason Sulvinski Treasurer, SEPOA



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