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Missing Turtle

This is our turtle, her name is Jalapeno and she's almost three years old. Jalapeno climbed out of the pond and some how go out of our fenced yard. Jalapeno is a Red Throated turtle about nine inches long and we are asking everyone to keep an eye out for her. We think she may have gone off to lay eggs, it's that time of year. Moses, her companion hasn't eaten and seems a little blue in Jalapenos absents. We feed the turtles two to three times a day, these are domestic turtles, if you see her don't put her in one of our bodies of water, put her in a box and call us. 941-465-2818

Thank you so much,

Mandy Schottenstein, Jason Sulvinski and Moses the turtle



Was the turtle ever found?


Where should we be looking? A turtle can't go far?

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