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If It's Dark Don't Park


Today we patrolled the neighborhood sometime between 3:00 and 5:30 am for vehicles parked in the street. In all, twelve notices were placed on vehicle windshields. If you had an envelope and letter on your vehicle windshield this morning, it was in fact from the Board. Our Deed Restrictions supersede County law when it pertains to County Roads. The Association is within its right to enforce parking violations on County roads.

We kindly ask that you abide by the Deed Restrictions of our community. Parking during day light hours is acceptable but please park on the correct side, facing the correct way.

So, if you keep in mind...

If it's dark don't park, you'll be doing your park for the community.

Thank you in advance for respecting your neighbors and our community.

Stay safe,


A complete copy of our Deed Restrictions are on the website, please feel to read them.



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