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Gates 1, 2, and 3.

We need to replant many of the overgrown flowers and plants at the gates. If you have time, we need your help. We plan to purchase new plants next month and would like to get everything planted in one or two days. We are calling for six to ten volunteers. Please email your name and phone to to volunteer.

Thank you,




Photo's of the gates are now posted on the website.


I believe my email was provided to thorsten. And I’m sure you have it as well



This was a blast about planting at the gates not Donut pond or the survey.

I'm not sure why you've asked these questions on a blast about FLOWERS. At the right time and place, (SEPOA Board Meeting) we will answer all question about any plans for Donut, Lorencin and Signorelli ponds. I don't have time to answer premature question. The survey was an email sampling sent to all Property Owners that have provided emails for the SEPOA Database. It doesn't have to be mail via USPS so don't waste your time accuse us of not doing the right thing.

It was just a survey-period.

When the time comes and votes are needed, we will EMAIL, BLAST, POST ON THE…


Why is sepoa paying to spray the donut lake? This is a county owned parcel. Also was the survey that was sent emailed or mailed to all residents?


Mandy, the pentas at Gate 2, and the blue daze at Gate 3 are considered perennials in our Florida growing zone. They were specifically chosen to be long term flowers at these two Gates. The pentas can be pruned back. The podocarpus planted along the gate walls at both Gate 1 and 2, was also specifically chosen as it would become a lush, easy to trim (by the landscaper) hedge. Podocarpus can be trimmed to be very short --below the the deed restricted signs--when it is pruned it will fill out sideways. These plantings were chosen with care. The contract with the previous landscaper (who was chosen by the board in 2011 after requesting bids from a number of landsc…

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