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Many of us have seen a bobcat roaming the Sorrento East grounds. Many have been displaced due to the clearing of land and beginnings of new housing developments all around us. One thing that makes Sorrento East somewhat unique is that we are located right next to the Oscar Scherer Park and cow pastures soon to be developed. As the pastures become neighborhoods, the bobcats have limited places to go. Typically, female bobcats stay within a 2 mile home range, while males roam up to 5 mile radius. Males are the king of their space, not allowing other males to enter their domain. They don’t hunt only at night, but are more “cat like” in their eating and sleeping patterns. They eat, nap, eat again, nap again, etc. The difference of course is that bobcats hunt for their food. What is one of their favorite meals? You guessed it - rabbits! Sorrento East has bunnies galore. So what we need to do is to be aware that bobcats are out there. Small dogs and cats are at risk if left alone outside or without a leash. As more buildings begin, more wildlife will appear in our neighborhood. Please be mindful when you are out and about. While beautiful, they can be dangerous to small pets. To learn more about what wildlife could be coming our way, we have invited guest speaker Chris Becker, Environmental Specialist III of Oscar Scherer Park, to join us on our next “regular meeting.” That is, once we can gather together again. He will be there to answer our questions and help us be better prepared for the ever-changing habitat of our precious and sometimes dangerous wildlife.

Story written by: Katy Stewart, Chairwomen SEPOA

Photo by: Lisa Harris, Member of SEPOA



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