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Annual Meeting Headcount

Annual Meeting NEW DATE AND TIME

November 7 th

Time 12:00 pm

Health and Safety over Bylaws just this ONCE

We will have a tent to protect from the noonday sun or rain. We will provide chairs and they will be in marked social distance squares. We will have a handicap area for those that are in need. We will have bottled water so all can stay properly hydrated. We will also have passenger vans to pick up from and return property owners to their homes,

reservations in advance are required.

Again, we discussed the Annual Meeting and the most health conscience location for a few months not just at the last meeting. Part of the responsibilities of the SEPOA Board is the HEALTH AND WELFARE of the community, it's in the Bylaws please feel free to look it up. Having an indoor meeting was not a viable option but having an outdoor meeting is. Three of the six (6) Board members would not be able to attend an indoor venue and one (1) Board member wouldn't be able to attend an outdoor meeting after dark, due to poor night vision. So, again we decided to move the Annual Meeting to Saturday November 7th at 12:00pm. We feel that in providing, cover from the sun/rain, providing chairs at a social distance, water and transportation to and from the venue, is more than above and beyond and with the best of intentions for public health and safety during an international pandemic.

We respectfully request that you register for the Annual meeting so we can be prepared with the proper seating and transportation.

Please go to:

Go to: MORE

Go to: SEPOA Blast & Blog

Go to Annual Meeting Headcount add your information to the coments below the post

Please provide: Name, Email, Phone and Address, also if you need transportation.

ALSO, If you have a neighbor that doesn't have internet access and wishes to attend, please do the right thing and register on their behalf.

The Treasurer will be available at 10 am with the books from 2019 and 2020 for your review.

If you have not yet paid your Annual Dues, please bring a check for $90.00 made out to SEPOA. You must be in good standing in order to vote.

Thank you,

Mandy Schottenstein-President

Sorrento East Property Owners Association 2020




Herman and Audrey Stover

120 DaVinci Dr



Ted and Nancy Keys

411 west Rossetti drive


Jean-Louis Dumaine, 315 Matisse Cir. E.,, (941) 966-5350


Jim and Abby Polek

395 W Rossetti Dr



Walter and Joyce Sulvinski, 605 Verrocchio Dr. 941-735-4338

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