Please check back shortly we are working on the 2021 dues sheets and mailing them out. As soon as they become available for printing we will post them here. 


Thank you,

SEPOA Board of Directors 1/12/21 

We are a POA = Property Owners Association = POA is a NON-PROFIT Association

POA Annual Dues and Fees are voluntary and are not enforceable by law or otherwise.

Your nominal 2021 $50.00 Annual Dues are important to the community. We hope that by lowering the Annual Dues from $90.00 to $50.00 you will once again be able to support your community and pay your Annual Dues. 

In 2020 nearly three quarters of the community paid their Annual Dues. We hope in the coming year to receive 100% participation so those that paid don't shoulder the burden of those that don't. Your $50.00 voluntary Annual Dues make a difference! So, when you receive your Annual Dues notice mail your check in right away.


Thank you in advance for participating in the future of your community,

SEPOA Board of Directors