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SEPOA Meeting Sept 8 th 6:00 pm

Please join us on:

Sept 8th at 6:00 pm

The meeting will be virtual and information will be listed on the website the night before.

Click on:


If you wish to speak, please email your topic to:

If you'd like to speak at the meeting we ask that you email your request no less than 48 prior to the meeting. This is not a finite Bylaw but a nicety to a volunteer. A generic agenda is posted a week prior to the monthly meeting and the final draft is posted the day before. With that said, it's only fair to give our Secretary those 48 hours prior to retype and post the final draft. Again, we are volunteers and we all dedicate our valuable time to serve the community, we don't think it's a big ask for you to shoulder some of that task.

We thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you.

Regards, Mandy Schottenstein SEPOA President 941-220-7315 Landline, no texting please

FYI: Some of the Board Members will be signed in early for sound check and after we adjourn we will stay on line for about 20 minutes to socialize.



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