Building Plans Committee

John Funderburk

Review all building plans for new dwellings, structures or fences to be constructed.

Roads, Lakes and Ditches Committee 


County Government Relations Committee

Barb Lechky, Jim Hannigan and Mandy Schottenstein

Deed Restrictions 

and Compliance Committee

Mandy Schottenstein

Security Patrol Committee

Jim Hannigan

Bylaws Review Committee


Barb Lechky and Mandy Schottenstein

SEPOA Virtual

News Letter



Katy Stewart


Mandy Schottenstein

Welcoming Committee aka Member Services


Evelyn Zoernack 


Lisa Harris

Mowing, Gateways and Lights

Social Activities and

Annual Holiday Picnic Committee 

Lora Morningstar


Mandy Schottenstein




Sunshine Committee

Extending well wishes to the sick and condolences to the bereaved

We ask that once a month you take a moment and honor those lost, with a moment of silent prayer.

Financial Review Committee 2020

This committee is in need of Volunteers

SEPOA Member Directory and 

Property Owner Database

Jason Sulvinski and Mandy Schottenstein

Members in good standing can view, download and print the Member Directory from the website. The final revision will be  posted when all Annual Dues are in. Print requests for the Member Directory will be available at the September Board meeting. 




Corresponding Secretary

no C.S. at this 

Special Committee

no S.C. at this time


Website Design

Mandy Schottenstein