The Association

In the early 1970’s, the property owners formed the Sorrento East Property Owners Association. Here’s what the association does:

  • Works with local governments and other agencies to represent our interests in public services and utilities, environmental health and safety, and zoning.
  • Administers and enforces our Deed Restrictions, which encourage proper maintenance and preserve our neighborhood’s appearance and property values.
  • Communicates to the membership through an annual membership meeting, a regular Newsletter and this website.
  • Collects modest yearly dues to support these activities and to maintain gates and other common areas.
  • Organizes social and recreational activities like an annual picnic for members and their guests. Supports a volunteer security patrol.

The association carries out its functions through an elected board and a number of committees.

Members receive the bi-monthly newsletter and annual membership directory and may participate and vote in the annual meeting.